Why, hello there!

I’m Aytrial and welcome to my humble abode known as aytrial.net. As you can obviously tell, I really put some thought into that name.


Anyway, that’s besides the point. More likely than not, you’ve ventured over to this page to get some dirt on me and my blog. So without further ado, let’s continue on!

Who Am I?

I’m a 23-year-old residing in the vast wilderness of Down Under, also known as Australia by you common folk. When I’m not hard at work…well…working…I like to spend my free time indulging in all things anime and manga related — be that watching or reading series themselves to collecting figures of characters I like. I also happen to be an avid gamer — an avid gamer whose growing backlog of unfinished games is starting to rival the likes of Mount Everest in size.

Why I Started this Blog

Blogging as a pastime is nothing particularly new to me; I’ve maintained a very active microblog in the form of my Twitter for several years now. However, 140 characters doesn’t exactly provide me with a lot of room to articulate all my thoughts. So I thought, why not start a full-fledged blog of my own? And so I have!

Funnily enough, this actually isn’t the first time I’ve tried to get my own blog off the ground. I’m sure if you scour any web archive…archive…you’ll be able to dig up my past failures at this very blog. There’s a variety of reasons I could get into as to why things fizzled, but in the end it’s really boiled down to a lack of dedication.

Will things be any different with this iteration? Maybe. No guarantees though!

Things I’ll Be Blogging

I intend to focus on sharing my random musings on the handful of hobbies I mentioned earlier, but honestly anything is fair game.